Business Scope

  • Generally we offerconstruction survey works but not limited to the following:
  • On site checking of primary and secondary controls
  • Subsidence monitoring of bench marks within the site premises.
  • Topographic survey for volumetric computations of excavations
  • Set out of pile positions thus ensuring its location and verticality
  • Set out of reference grid line from tertiary control stations.
  • Marking of grid lines between gridline junctions with ink line machine.
  • Set out offsets for basic building elements on the raft slab or bridge project including but not limited to; columns/openings/shear and junction walls/ piers/ abutments/ retaining walls
  • Set out horizontal elements on the raft slab or bridge project from the offsets including but not limited to; bottom and top of columns/ starter bars and rebar heights/wall openings and concrete FFL. On site checking thus ensuring the verticality of structures
  • Checking of rebar cover from top of concrete (horizontal and vertical) prior to concrete pour.
  • Setting out internal elements within the core walls/lift shafts (horizontal and vertical).
  • Leveling of table forms
  • Calculation of intricate setting out requirements including but not limited to; curves and spirals / deck slabs
  • Plot features, contours and areas to a specific scale obtained during field surveys using Autodesk Land Desktop software.
  • Earthworks, Roads route surveys.
  • Prepare as built reports and proper filing of reports for future reference purposes.

And we are well experienced in setting out of steel structures and architectural works which involves setting out of geometric designs of engineering project in 3D, setting out the boundaries and alignments of features such as concrete columns, steps, walls, soffits, doors, parapet walls, walls, windows, steel columns, roof steels, standing seams, thermal blocks and clips and railing systems 3D alignment.